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Exclusive: Listen To Blues Guitarist Albert Cummings’ Soulful Track “Finally In Love”

AlbertPubPhoto1After years of earning his spot as one of the top surviving blues musicians today and with six studio albums under his belt and another one releasing in just a few weeks, blues-rock guitarist Albert Cummings, formerly of bluegrass-rock band Swamp Yankee, teases fans with his latest single “Finally In Love” from the upcoming Someone Like You record.

Beginning with a kind of old-school progressive rock instrumentation, the track opens to Cummings’ rumbling vocals singing “I used to keep my guard up/Stick to my close friends/Then I left the door wide open/And you just let yourself in/I never saw you coming/Came right out of left field/Now I just love the way that you make me feel”, the mature confession giving way to a rock ‘n roll chorus, Cummings’ voice accompanied by hollering female vocals and bluesy slide guitar. “Finally In Love” showcases the blues-rock and soul that has hailed Cummings as a legendary guitarist while also emphasizing his ability as a songwriter, all packed into a wild, energetic musical romp.

Listen to Albert Cummings’ “Finally In Love” below and pre-order his upcoming album Someone Like You here:

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