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Exclusive: Watch The Lyric Video To Cassandra Kubinski’s Quirky Pop Track “Barcode”

_MG_8092 EnhancedConnecticut-born Cassandra Kubinski has been a lot of things: sister, daughter, high school valedictorian, theatre major, and more. In addition to all of these roles, she is also a pop singer-songwriter, having recorded original tracks for the hit Lifetime show “Dance Moms” and offering her talents to commercial jingles and voice-overs. Her latest endeavor has found her releasing a catchy pop single, “Barcode”.

The track is a fun, sexy song accompanied by its equally entertaining lyric video counterpart. “Barcode” is not simply a catchy sing-along, though. The lyric video tells a fantastical story using comic book graphics to depict Kubinski’s fantasy men set in a grocery store backdrop, the location referred to in playful lyrics like “Jump in my shopping cart/And come home with me,” and “Now I won’t even ask for a discount/And I don’t need a receipt”. The imaginary world Kubinski introduces her listeners to is a slightly erotic, unique fantasy, guided by her sultry, sugary vocals that are a mix between Britney Spears’ breathy voice and Lisa Loeb’s one-of-a-kind voice. “Barcode” is an infectious anthem dying to be sung at karaoke: The chorus of “Oh, cha-ching/You got my heart ringing/And you don’t even know/I wanna scan you like a barcode” is a jaunty, kitschy, bubblegum lyric, making “Barcode” an unconventionally catchy pop track.

Watch Cassandra Kubinski’s lyric video for “Barcode” below and connect with her on Facebook:

BARCODE Lyric Video- Cassandra Kubinski from Cassandra Kubinski on Vimeo.

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