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Exclusive: Whitney Rose Premieres a Sugary Sweet Pop Hit

Whitney Rose, Heartbreaker of the Year, Jen Squires
Whitney Rose by Jen Squires


When you find yourself performing as the opening act for your childhood heroes, it’s safe to say you’re on the right track. So goes the fairy tale story of Canadian singer/songwriter Whitney Rose, who grew up listening to the genre-hopping, award winning band the Mavericks with her grandparents, and in the past few years has found herself opening for them on not one, but two tours.The mutual artistic admiration didn’t end there though, and Mavericks’ bandleader Raul Malo recently took the lead in producing Rose’s just announced sophomore album, Heartbreaker of the Year, which will be released on August 21st.

Malo isn’t shy about praising pop-country singer Rose, saying, “[She] writes the kind of country music that will one day firmly place her as one of the greats of the genre.” And to back his boast up, Malo also guest-stars on several tracks from the upcoming release, including a duet of the classic Ronettes’ tune, “Be My Baby.”

On Elmore’s exclusive track premiere from the upcoming Heartbreaker, “Only Just A Dream,” Rose gives the Ronettes a run for their money with an original song bursting with sugary sweet, pop goodness.

In keeping with the proud tradition of the girl-group, Rose’s song is about the most iconic of pop themes: what to do with a broken heart. Of the tune, Rose admits, “I guess it’s about coping with loss by writing off whatever has been lost as being merely a dream. You can’t miss or long for something or someone who was never real to begin with, right?”

And indeed, the song is as dreamy as the title implies. Raul Malo lends key harmonies throughout, his polished baritone providing a romantic, sultry contrast to Rose’s vocals without ever overpowering them. And when you hear Rose’s crystal clear voice that drips with cooing flirtatiousness, you won’t have trouble believing that Heartbreaker of the Year may not just be an album title.

Give “Only Just A Dream” a listen below, and look out for the Cameron House Records release of Heartbreaker of the Year on August 21st.

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