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Born Cages

I'm Glad I'm Not Me

Artist:     Born Cages

Album:     I'm Glad I'm Not Me

Label:     Washington Square/Razor & Tie

Release Date:     06/02/15


I’m Glad I’m Not Me, from New York-based alternative rock group Born Cages, presents 12 tracks of somewhat standard indie fare, with the occasional deviation toward a more electronic sound.

Synthesizer is liberally woven into a number of tracks and is particularly noticeable in “I Just Want The Truth, Baby.” The same song is also one of the album’s most memorable tracks for its winding hooks and undeniable catchiness. Other noteworthy points include energetic guitar solos in “Don’t Look Back” and “Metaphor,” both hearkening back to a tangible 1980s rock influence, as well as lead singer and guitarist Vlad Holiday’s emotional vocals, falling somewhere between Neon Trees and the Kills.

If I’m Glad I’m Not Me really suffers from anything, it’s a lack of diversity and unwillingness to step beyond genre limits. While Born Cages has all but perfected a very particular sound within the parameters of alternative rock, the music conjures a feeling of imitation rather than the sensation of listening to something entirely new.

Regardless, I’m Glad I’m Not Me is an enjoyable collection by a group with a clear directive. Born Cages has crafted a consistent debut studio album that makes good on lyrics that promise, “I’ll be writing songs about myself for everyone to sing.”

—Leah Dearborn

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