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Jamison Ross


Artist:     Jamison Ross

Album:     Jamison

Label:     Concord

Release Date:     06/23/15


Jamison Ross’ debut album is a harmonious union of his capabilities as a drummer and a singer. As the stripped-down arrangement of “Jazz (Aubrielle Ross) [Interlude]” proves, his vocals and his drumming complement each other naturally while retaining an individuality of their own, united through the depth and consciousness of Ross’ soaring musicianship. The album articulates a very uninhibited expression, allowing Ross to pursue both of these instruments in their own magnificence.

His infatuating and soulful voice in “Sack Full Of Dreams” and “These Things You Are to Me” demonstrate his ability to reflect the “wind blowing through the trees” in the latter, with his voice holding intense emotional weight while employing a gentle and delicate tone. Ross’ voice is best suited to piano accompaniment, with his vocal runs on “My One And Only Love” showcasing his very youthful blues and soul singing capabilities.

Ross (the winner of the 2012 Thelonious Monk International Jazz Competition) successfully presents his versatility and talents as a jazz musician, composer, arranger and singer in this album, blending his high energy, raw vocals and songwriting process (as seen in “Sweet Surrender (The Hook) [Interlude]” while ordering lunch. Jamison is a complete and impressive sound, successfully encapsulating the diversity of Ross’ artistic pursuits into one body of work.

—Jason Kwan

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