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Exclusive: Hear Felix McTeigue Team Up With Boston Students On New Record

IMG_5315ASCAP, the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers, a membership organization of songwriters and music publishers, has teamed up with America SCORES, a non-profit youth development organization dedicated to enriching the lives of America’s youth by incorporating arts and exercise into everyday life, for the 62nd ASCAP Songwriter Residency. The groups are releasing their seventh volume of music created by students and musicians alike.

On ASCAP Songwriter Residency: Volume 7, country songwriter Felix McTeigue, who recently penned the chart-topping single “Anything Goes” by country band Florida Georgia Line, shared his skill with some of the most talented student singers of America SCORES Boston. Together, McTeigue and the young musicians produced a poignant, rhythmic, and youthful original track, “The World’s On Fire”. In the music video released for the song, montage footage of the songwriting process depicts the passion and fun the kids had composing the song, just over two afternoons, interspersed with scenes of the actual production process. With airy, enthusiastic vocals, generous melodies, surprisingly full solos, and uncomplicated instrumentation, “The World’s On Fire” is a successfully penned track full of energy and young talent, emphasized by the sweet, matured hook of “It feels like the world’s on fire/So low and I can’t get any higher”.

The music video is a pleasant look at the good ASCAP and America SCORES is doing for these talented, ambitious students: In three days, thirty Boston students co-wrote a song with Felix McTeigue and performed and produced it with singer-songwriters Ellie Buckland and Isa Burke. The magic is apparent when listening to “The World’s On Fire”, but it can also be seen in its accompanying music video, which embodies the positive, overwhelming energy and talent of today’s youth.

Watch the magic happen below and learn more about both America Scores and ASCAP in preparation of their Volume 7 album release:

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