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Exclusive: Jesse Milnes and Emily Miller Share The Love With Their New Track

JesseMilnesEmily-DeepEndSessionsVolJesse Milnes and Emily Miller aren’t just a dynamic duo when it comes to performing. The pair is exclusively premiering a new track from Jesse Milnes & Emily Miller: Deep End Sessions, Vol. 2, “I Got Lucky With You,” in celebration of their recent nuptials.

Emily Miller, lead vocalist and fiddler, told Elmore, “I wrote this song for Jesse as a surprise for our wedding. Most of my favorite country songs seem to be about heartache and divorce, so I realized that if we were going to have a happy love song to dance to at out party, I might just have to write it myself. Most of it is pretty true to life. I’m both quite accident prone and very, very lucky in love.” Lucky indeed, and the happiness shows in the easy, fun track, one that’s folksy with just a hint of jazz in the vocals.

Hailing from West Virginia, the country and old-time music duo brought their sound to the Santa Clara River Valley for a residency in January. Feeling inspired by the peaceful environment and captivating scenery, the couple began to record what would become the Deep End Sessions, named for Deep End Ranch, where they worked. Santa Clara was a breath of fresh air from city living, and Milnes and Miller quickly found that retreating into nature helped them to embrace their traditional American music roots.

The couple is currently touring with the Sweetback Sisters around West Virginia. Check out “I Got Lucky With You” below.

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