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Exclusive: Listen: Nashville Punk Group Raging Fire Re-Releases Entire Catalog

Raging FireThey became successful as a graphic designer, a record producer, a curator and a lawyer, but thirty years ago, they were Raging Fire, group that astounded record execs and took the Nashville music scene by storm.

With the release of their first EP, 1985’s A Family Thing, these indie pioneers helped push the boundaries of the Nashville music scene beyond just country, with a style that blended rock and punk, paving the way for the grunge movement of the nineties. For the thirtieth anniversary of A Family Thing’s release, Raging Fire is self-releasing a 24-track compilation of their entire catalog, as well as a vinyl album featuring some of the band’s biggest hits.

For a throwback to the Nashville of the mid-eighties, Elmore is premiering a track from the upcoming re-release, “You Should Read More Books.” The song roars in with a cheeky attitude and slamming pickup, but the star of the song is the beguiling Melora Zaner, who fronted the group with powerful  charisma and a snarling in-your-face punk aesthetic, calling to mind Siouxsie Sioux and the Banshees or a grittier version of Debbie Harry.

Give “You Should Read More Books” a listen below, and look out for more of Raging Fire on October 6th.

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