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Exclusive: Listen To Chaser Eight’s Stripped-Down Acoustic Single “Moving On (Naked)”

Photo by Phil Hovey
Photo by Phil Hovey

Connecticut-based alternative rock band, Chaser Eight, is releasing their acoustic EP, Chaser Eight: Naked, the follow-up to their highly successful, self-titled debut album.

Pat Walsh (lead guitar, vocals), Pete Giannini (drums), Billy Wang (bass), *AUDRA* (lead vocals, guitar) and Aaron Tagliamonte (keyboards, guitar) have unplugged their rock tracks to explore their softer sides, as with their acoustic single “Moving On (Naked).” The song, although softer, retains AUDRA’s hard-edged vocals but is accompanied by a lighter guitar arrangement.

Asking them about the conception of their acoustic album, Chaser Eight noted that the “concept was to draw people in and intrigue them,” adding that they have “made new fans through using this avenue.” On the performance of these acoustic tracks as opposed to performing them as rock tracks, they felt that “the Naked versions have given [them] the chance to expand and explore different options with the same song.” For *AUDRA*, “it’s fun and a welcome challenge to convey the same energy and excitement with just two acoustic guitars.”

The band have known each other since their high school days, and for the band, “it makes things very easy both in a music sense and a business sense.” Their bond has allowed them to “constantly push each other to be better,” including in this acoustic project, where they hope “that this release will open [them] up to new fans that haven’t heard [their] music or maybe haven’t given [them] a try because of the strict ‘rock’ label.” With these acoustic versions, “you really break the song down to the barebones…you can hear all the insecurities and any weakness it may have.” They hope to “do something acoustic like this after every major release” and are planning on playing more acoustic gigs.

Be sure to check out their raw acoustic track, ‘Moving On (Naked), here.

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