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Exclusive: Listen To NYC Punk Band Bad Mary’s High-Energy Track “Hanging Around”

a1604819229_16When Amanda and her fiance Mike fell in love, they probably didn’t know that shortly after, they would find themselves in a punk-rock band with both their professor and Amanda’s father, banging out fast-tempo explosions. But five years and a full-length record later, Bad Mary are an established NYC-based punk band releasing their second album, We Could Have Saved The World, this October.

One of the tracks on the record, “Hanging Around”, is destined to have listeners counting the days until the record release. At just one minute and forty-eight seconds long, the track is a cosmic eruption of energy. Starting off with an enthusiastic, ever-so-punk-rock count-off, the track quickly bursts into screaming percussion and rock rhythms, followed by Amanda’s Joan Jett-esque vocals shouting “You know I don’t care, I’m just kind of hanging around”. With fiery, non-stop instrumentation and dismissive lyrics, “Hanging Around” has the kind of rebellious, in-your-face attitude that was made famous by punk-rock in the 70s, thanks to clear influences from bands like Blondie and The Ramones, pioneers of the genre. Obviously, the members of Bad Mary are educated about music and politics, knowledge that comes in handy when hammering out thick arrangements and danceable punk like they do, especially with “Hanging Around” being a powerhouse rock track.

Listen to the track below and connect with the band on Bandcamp where you can pre-order their upcoming album:

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