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Bobby Long

Ode to Thinking

Artist:     Bobby Long

Album:     Ode to Thinking

Label:     Compass Records

Release Date:     08/07/2015


Twenty-nine-year-old Bobby Long has released an album that is wise beyond his years. Ode to Thinking is a soulful collection of Americana/folk tracks that features traces of Long’s musical heroes: Elliott Smith, Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan.

The opening title track is the perfect combination of sweet soul and country twang. The two genres continue to be interchangeable and impeccably executed through the entirety of the album.

Long’s third track, “I’m Not Going Out Tonight,” could have been influenced by Garth Brooks and sounds like honest country. Meanwhile, “Something Blue” showcases Long’s soulful voice and deep lyrics. The juxtaposition of the two cousin genres is a unique feature of Ode to Thinking.

The 11-track album was recorded in Austin, Texas over a two-week period during the fall of 2014. “It is incredibly gratifying that so many people wanted to help me make the new record,” Long said. “ This community has been with me every step of the journey.”

Overall, Ode to Thinking combines sweet guitar, poetic lyrics and unique, singsong vocals to tell a true story of American music.

—Kelsey Drain

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