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Rayland Baxter

Imaginary Man

Artist:     Rayland Baxter

Album:     Imaginary Man

Label:     ATO

Release Date:     08/14/2015


Singer/songwriter Rayland Baxter’s Imaginary Man takes a firm grasp on your consciousness. Baxter combines his all-around musical prowess with some deep, heartfelt lyricism and forceful yet powerful vocals, and knocks this project out of the park.

The way each track carries something very dear and personal from Baxter truly adds to the album. We’re brought on a journey—his journey—of existentialism, young love, self-awareness, good and bad nostalgia…with such subjects representing just a minuscule amount of this kid’s ongoing tale. It’s easy to find a plethoric amount of relatable material in this 11-track album, which is a joyous listen.

A beautiful storyteller and singer, we get a need for understanding in “Mother Mother” wherein Baxter ponders the subject of the afterlife, whether it be Heaven or Hell. “Oh My Captain” touches upon being aware of the world you live in. We have the successful single, “Yellow Eyes,” where a lonely paper clip rests isolated on an imaginary man’s kitchen counter, from a now former lover of his. The entire album is a roller coaster of emotions that Baxter isn’t afraid to display to his audience. All in all, an incredible compilation of well-nurtured and meticulous tunes.

—Sean Harrison

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