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Exclusive: Listen To Amy Blaschke’s Bright, Luscious Folk

Photo By Lxchel Lara
Photo By Ixchel Lara


Born in Seattle and now based in Los Angeles, the soulful Amy Blaschke has returned with a new track, “Come See About Loving Me,” from her upcoming album, OPALINE. Showcasing the true extent of her songwriting capabilities, Blaschke wrote 28 songs, eventually trimming things down to the 11 tracks that make up OPALINE, due out on October 9.

Essentially, Blaschke writes and sings pop-folk songs, and “Come See About Loving Me,” with its rich, guitar-led arrangement. This luscious track is bright and uplifting, with Blaschke’s gentle vocals floating on top. Asking for love in all seasons, Blaschke reassures her lover of the ease of loving her, repeating the hook, “I’m sad but I’m free.”

Working with singer/songwriter and producer Brian Whelan, Blaschke recorded the album in California in early 2014. She wanted to “express a range of emotion and style on this album,” and with her signature guitar playing and vocals, she achieved just that.

Listen to “Come See About Loving Me” below:


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