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Exclusive: Listen to Pete RG’s Passionate Exploration of “True Love”


Not many can say that they’ve worked with Pearl Jam’s Dave Krusen, but for singer/songwriter Pete RG, that’s just another day at work in the studio. With the addition of Dave Krusen on drums, Pete RG is releasing his new single, “True Love,” from his forthcoming EP, Reaching For The Moon, which drops on October 9th.

Riding off of the energy of his Lightning Strikes tour, RG went straight back into his Santa Monica studio with a determination to one-up his previous effort, creating this new album, Reaching For The Moon.

With rich, passionate vocals, RG takes us through what he believes true love to be. Speaking about the inspiration and process behind “True Love,” RG said that “it was one of those instances where you briefly think you’ve found the missing piece, only to realize you’ve discovered something entirely new. There’s often a lot of soul-searching involved and the process is very cathartic, sometimes painful. In the case of “True Love,” I discovered that the words “true love” were a substitute for passion.”

Give a listen to Pete RG’s new single below, and look out for his upcoming tour dates across the country, including stops on September 12th, 19th and 26th at Piano’s in New York City as part of a month long residency. Find more information about the rest of the tour and the album at Pete’s website.

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