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Exclusive: Stream Singer-Songwriter Casey Buckley’s Thoughtful Debut Album Take The Good

DSC_9405For the past five years, young New Jersey-based singer-songwriter Casey Buckley has cultivated countless stories of relationships and lessons learned, all fitting cohesively in his debut 12 track record, Take The Good, officially releasing tomorrow. As a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, Buckley encompasses the singer-songwriter title with a nuanced flair for songwriting and sweet singing.

On Take The Good, which Buckley says is “12 stories that are indicative of the larger whole. Each of these moments represents a point along some timeline in my life – some beginnings, some middles, and some ends,” each track has something in common: light, steady vocals, effortless instrumentation, and sincere songwriting. The album is not an explosion but rather a sophisticated, youthful romp into Buckley’s soul, clearly a hopeful but haunted place. Accompanied by simple guitar lines, repetitive rhythms, and pretty melodies, Buckley’s trained voice takes the spotlight on every track, singing his stories with an admirable ingenuity. Two of the most charming tracks on the album serve as its conclusion, “Emily” being a quiet ballad in which Buckley sings “If I wrote you a song, would you listen to the words?/’Cause after all/This has just been a long way to say/’I never really met you/But I sure wish I could/Emily'”, and the album’s final track “Second Guessing” serving as a subdued, slightly folk-y finale with clever lyrics and gentle tempos.

Take The Good is a commendable debut record, featuring Casey Buckley’s great talents at storytelling and singing. With every track advancement, listeners learn a little more about Buckley’s mind, told by his uncomplicated instrumentation, sweet voice, and honest songwriting.

Stream Take The Good a day early below and connect with Casey on Facebook:

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