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Artist:     Boogarins

Album:     Manual

Label:     Other Music Recording Company

Release Date:     10/30/2015


Hailing from Brazil, Boogarins play a sunny and relaxed brand of psychedelic pop-rock. Their latest record, Manual, shimmers with pleasing hooks, sugary harmonies and reverberated soaring dual guitars.

There’s a real sense of authenticity and sincerity in the songs here, mainly because they’re all sung in Portuguese. This shows that Boogarins wanted to create music that spoke to the people that they most identify with, which is especially admirable when you put into account that most of the lyrics are politically charged (predominantly about local issues stemming from the 2014 Brazil World Cup). This politically informed content and its delivery in cheery, Portuguese-sung pop-rock make their music reminiscent of the albums from the birth of the Tropicália Movement, particularly by the likes of Caetano Veloso & Gilberto Gil. In fact, Boogarins might be the best example of the living legacy of the original Tropicália artists.

Yet their music is still enjoyable for non-Portuguese speakers. For instance, it’s hard not to love the tight musicianship and concise jamming on songs like “6000 Dias” and “Avalanche.” It’s also difficult to not appreciate music that features a sweet, brisk sound that reminds one of a chill breeze drifting over ocean waves. This feeling becomes cemented by the added sound effects of rustling surf on the tracks “Benzin” and “San Lorenzo.”

Those of us who’re not yet ready to let go of summer could really benefit from playing Manual on repeat… and perhaps lying under a sun lamp.

–  Keith Hadad

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