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Long Gone Song

Artist:     Nocona

Album:     Long Gone Song

Label:     Henrietta Records

Release Date:     10/02/2015


For the first few seconds of the title track “Long Gone Song,” you think you’re listening to a typical blues album, but then it quickly transforms into something much more complicated. You can hear the influence of Chris Isom’s early years in New York’s music scene in the guitar and lyrics, but his Texas upbringing finds its way into each song and transforms them into something truly great. In “Toothless Junkie,” you can hear the lyrics of a desperate man, “just a little temporary insanity” and “you know I feel love between me and you,” which are enhanced by Elan Glasser’s intense blues harmonica. “Ahh Lovely” has Isom singing, “Don’t walk where you might slip […] you’re just a cautionary tale now.”

As you get deeper into the album, even more genres work their way into the mix. Mellow and breezy Californian style rock mixed with classic country seeps into tracks like “Beverly Hills Blues.” Songs like “It’s Just” are layered with guitar slides, fast drums and Glasser’s harmonica. Each track on the album contributes something different. Nocona stands out with an album that is at times confusing, but certainly never boring. With so many different genres coming together on one album, Nocona has opened the door to more possibilities and has still left room for reinvention.

– Claudia Arnoldo

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