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Zeke Duhon

Zeke Duhon

Artist:     Zeke Duhon

Album:     Zeke Duhon

Label:     Big Deal Music

Release Date:     10/23/2015


With a melodic voice and pleasant instrumentals, Zeke Duhon’s self titled EP is full of youthfulness, but also naivety that one can expect from a young singer/songwriter’s first major effort. His EP did not blow me away or make me look at the world differently, but it also didn’t make me want to turn it off. The coffee shop vibe of the album could swing one of two ways– it’s either the perfect type of album to put on while you work or brunch, or it’s simply the kind of record that slips into background. That’s the risk any singer/songwriter takes.

Duhon has been releasing music on his YouTube channel for some time, and has toured with major musicians including Never Shout Never. His voice and lyrics are reminiscent of pop singer/songwriters from the early 2000’s, but the music brings you back to 2015. Each track nicely flows together, and I found myself transitioning from one to the next with ease. “Faith and Hope” has a cool guitar part right before the bridge, while “Everything” has a steady beat throughout the first verse, which slows down right before the upbeat chorus. A medley of different instruments play off each other in a charming way.

Duhon’s lyrics are those of a young man, who is starting to have success putting his emotions to music. “Always Is Now” is about life as a series of short moments. It’s a love song that starts off quiet and smooth, a proclamation of love, even if only for a short while, “at least for today.” “Best Mistake” starts with a powerfully emotional opening line, “First thing you need to know about me is I’m a walking catastrophe,” warning you right from the beginning to be careful. Duhon’s lyrics complement the music well, illustrating Duhon’s fears and concerns. Zeke Duhon definitely has the potential to become a great songwriter. This EP is a great effort that leaves the young musician room to grow.

– Claudia Arnoldo

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