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Exclusive: Ben Millburn Cuts His Teeth With A Pulsing, Pop-Rock Single

Ben Millburn by Emily Hurn
Ben Millburn by Emily Hurn

Like most artists, it was a dream that drove Ben Millburn into the spotlight. But unlike most, it wasn’t a dream of adoring fans and wild success; it was a stranger, more elusive dream, one that came to him night after night for almost a decade. Raised in a conservative, religious household in Louisiana, Millburn was never encouraged in his musical talents, but it was this dream that pursued him- a dream of being frozen, unable to reach someone looking for him- and led him to find his creative voice, taking pen to paper to make sense of it. Making his way to Austin, TX, that dream became “Don’t You Wait,” the first track off of his debut EP, Strange Love & Consequence, which Millburn will release on December 11th. The first half of two part EP series called The Balance EPs, it will soon be followed by Local Honey. Fitting with the title of the project, the two works will balance each other stylistically, with Local Honey featuring a more raw, stripped down approach in its production.

Today, Millburn is premiering “Take Me,” off of Strange Love & Consequence. It’s a melodious, sing along pop track, with a rock edge in its guitar breakdowns and sultry, pulsing underscoring with drum and bass. Millburn’s high register gives him a swaggering, confident quality as he delivers the lines with measured intensity. Subtle sonic goodies, such as the creaking and closing of a door, add spontaneity , and lyrics like, “a turn of phrase is my sleight of hand” show that even though he’s new to the game, his was definitely a dream worth chasing.


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