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Georgie Bonds

Hit It Hard

Artist:     Georgie Bonds

Album:     Hit It Hard

Label:     Roadhouse Redemption

Release Date:     10/16/2015


Long live the indomitable spirit of blues vocalist Georgie Bonds! I’ve listened to him describe the incredible series of hardships in his life first-hand, while maintaining a very upbeat, gracious attitude about it. That was a few years ago, and since then Georgie has had multiple hip surgeries, but again, bounced back.  As I listen to his music, I think of his infectious smile and sheer love of singing.  The former blacksmith is again hosting the Tuesday night blues jam at Philly’s long-running blues club Warmdaddys, and with the help of songwriting partners, guitarist Neil Taylor and harpist Buddy Cleveland, Georgie delivers his third album. For the most part he is supported by his five piece band, but local sax favorites Vanessa Collier and Dave Renz join the proceedings on several tracks, mostly notably in dueling fashion on “Let’s Get Down.”

It’s impossible to capture Bonds’ turbulent journey in one album, but he does represent some of it on these tracks. “Pickin’ Your Bones” is a tribute to his mentor Sonny Rhodes, who helped a scuffling Georgie get started. “Deadly Poison” refers to his near fatal reaction to prescription medicine after suffering from severe burns. The final track, “Another Year,” has the protagonist facing another foreboding year in jail. This is the first song he ever wrote, done during his own two year stint in Federal prison. Today Georgie is a beacon of optimism, and one who can always count on support from his ever growing community of friends. He sings straight from the heart and soul. Feel it, and count your own blessings.

– Jim Hynes

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