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Exclusive: Reflect On Supersmall’s Promising New Indie Track, “A Better Life”

moonwheel2fltstickerWhat do you get when you cross and Irish singer-songwriter with a Neuroscientist? The indie-rock duo, Supersmall, of course! (I’m sorry, did you think this was a joke?)

Colin Dempsey is a writer and singer who has performed in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and now, the US. Daniela Schiller  is a storyteller and musician as well as a Neuroscientist, who leads a lab at Mount Sinai School of Medicine. In their spare time, Dempsey and Schiller combine their considerable talents to become indie outfit Supersmall. The duo released their debut EP This Other World in 2013, and they are planning on releasing their debut full length album, Silent Moon, early next year.

“A Better Life” is a track off of their upcoming debut, which reflects over life and its complexities. Dempsey sings, “There is more to life than this/I can feel it underneath my skin/it’s just us and a whole lot less.” The lyrics  beg reflection– on what has happened and what is to come. Falling somewhere between the twee of Belle and Sebastian and the mellow quirkiness of alt-rock bands like Pavement, the song predominantly features a steady guitar and drum, with interjecting moments of upbeat trumpet that give the song a unique flair. Overachievers they may be, but if “A Better Life” is any indication, here’s hoping this is the beginning of a long and fruitful relationship for Supersmall.

Listen to “A Better Life” below, and keep on the lookout for the upcoming release of Silent Moon.

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