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Exclusive: Watch The Video For Swaying Wires’ Delicate New Single

Swaying WiresHailing from Finland, Swaying Wires is the kind of band that crawls under your skin. They represent duality- familiar yet unique, rooted in the traditional, yet pushing towards the future. Tina Karkinen helms the group as the lead singer and songwriter, and together they balance simple, acoustic instrumentation with the added pulse of electronic production. As a follow-up to their 2013 debut album, Some Blue Sky, Swaying Wires is getting ready to release a blistering sophomore record, I Left A House Burning. Today, the band is premiering the music video for the album’s first single, “Nowhere.”

As Co-pilgrim’s Michael Gale eloquently suggests in his gushing endorsement of the band, the music on this record is “fragile yet disarmingly honest.” With her ethereal vocals and steady acoustic guitar, Karkinen roots the track with a bittersweet earnestness. Producer and electric guitar player Sami Lehtonen, bassist Nicklas Hagen and drummer Jussi Virkkumaa complicate the track with their added layers of instrumentation, creating a gentle and intoxicating effect.

In the video, the band appears to float above a shifting landscape of trees and sky. The gauzy, just out of focus aesthetic of the video perfectly complements the music.

Watch the video for “Nowhere” below, and be prepared to fall under the spell of Swaying Wires.

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