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Loggins And Messina

Loggins And Messina

Artist:     Loggins And Messina

Album:     Loggins And Messina

Label:     Audio Fidelity

Release Date:     09/25/2015


Georgia-born singer-songwriter Kenny Loggins was recording his debut album when it just seemed natural to join his producer, Jim Messina, and become a duo. With the 1971 release of Sittin’ In, they became pioneers of country rock. There are enough fans and collectors to clamor for three audiophile re-issues of Sittin’ In: one on the MFSL label (1989), a second on Columbia Records’ Sony Mastersound division (1994), remastered and released as a gold CD and a vinyl pressing by Friday Music (2011). At last, Loggins And Messina (1972), their second CD, has been given a limited, numbered reissue by Audio Fidelity in a high res Multichannel SACD format (Super Audio Compact Disc). While the original musical and vocal textures are preserved by Steve Hoffman’s remastering, the EQ feels a bit artificial, all highs and lows. The music remains instantly recognizable, nourishing and tangy like good Georgia barbecue.

The duo split producing, instrumental and songwriting chores pretty evenly. They share lead vocals on the only collaboration, “Your Mama Don’t Dance,” their highest charting single at #4. The album reached #16. Loggins plays feisty harmonica on several cuts, and Messina contributes a truly fun instrumental, “Just Before The News.” “Long Tailed Cat” remains a pure oompah of pleasure, with jaw harp, spoons and Loggins’s deliciously downhome delivery.

– Annie Dinerman

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