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Exclusive: Stream Tin Toy Cars’ Intoxicating, Worldly Debut LP

Tin Toy Cars by Yann Arnaud
Tin Toy Cars by Yann Arnaud


It wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to say that Peter Fand, founder and lead singer/songwriter for Tin Toy Cars, spends much of his time immersed in a world that’s a bit more fantastic than yours or mine. After two years of touring the world with Cirque du Soleil’s Zarkana, he put down roots with the show in Las Vegas, a sleepless, neon-drenched hub of debauchery surrounded by the vast, natural expanses of the American West.

Recruiting fellow Cirque performers, violinist Martin St-Pierre and drummer Aaron Guidry, and rounding his quintet out with local musicians Brian Burns on bass and Andrew Chute on guitar, the newly formed Tin Toy Cars set to work on their debut LP, Falling, Rust & Bones. This astounding album, streaming today exclusively on Elmore, seeks to musically embody the surreality of life as a performer on the strip.

Set for release on January 22nd, the album is at once both worldly and ethereal, rooted in Fand’s mandolin and silky, prismatic voice that reflects the unexpected stylistic fragments that swirl from song to song, drawn from the band’s ambitious sense of musical exploration.

From the eerie, carnivalesque vamping of “Do Everything You Can Before You’re Dead,” to the Latin syncopation of “To Fall,” to the Americana, roots instrumentation of the album closer, “In My Head,” Falling, Rust & Bones is an ecstatic, chaotic mix of influences. Taken together, however, the album is a intoxicating, poetic, cohesive whole, begging  to be explored through repeat listening.

Stream Tin Toy Cars’ Falling, Rust & Bones below, and pick up a copy when the album is released on January 22nd!

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