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Exclusive: Get a dose of bluesy encouragement from The Singer and The Songwriter’s new single

The Singer and The Songwriter

Based in Los Angeles, the jazz/folk duo The Singer and The Songwriter are premiering their second single, “Nights & Weekends,” here on Elmore from their EP, Ballads for Trying Times, available this March. Resonating the theme of the album title, “Nights & Weekends” is a necessary song of encouragement and draws attention to the realisation of their musical calling. This soulful folk song sets a contemplative but reassuring mood for exploring the dilemma of pursuing music alongside a full-time job.

The Singer and The Songwriter comments: “We have always had to juggle full-time day jobs to pay the bills while pursuing music. We wrote “Nights & Weekends” out of the feeling that inevitably creeps up for artists who are trying to balance their passion with a day job. It can sometimes feel frustrating and draining, but this song is an ode to remaining hopeful in the face of cynicism and self-doubt”.

With this frustration in mind, Garcia’s expression of toil through her floating vocals simmer above Tran’s steady guitar rhythms and his bluesy playing, reflecting their optimism in the midst of self-doubt. The ballad, which relentlessly calls for a musical career, rolls endlessly onwards with a series of lyrics which both motivates the listener and the singer, finally climaxing with Garcia’s outcry: “Anyone out there?.”

Taking on their own advice, The Singer and The Songwriter are “excited to make “the leap” of quitting [their] day jobs to become full-time touring musicians,” with tour date announcements to be expected very soon.

Either for the drive home from a late-shift or as motivation for a song-writing session into the early hours, The Singer and The Songwriter provides that bluesy soundtrack for you to “do what you love, nights and weekends”.

Enjoy the video premiere, with special cameo from a cuddly puppy, below:

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