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Exclusive: Listen To The Bittersweet Melodies Of Pale Root’s “All I Want”

10991601_362884733919195_6822570407095889282_oIt’s no secret that tons of music comes out of Tennessee–mostly folksy singer-songwriter type stuff from Nashville and Memphis–but a small city about half an hour from Knoxville called Lenoir City has introduced us to the harmonious Americana duo Pale Root who are proving that they can hold their own with the rest of Music City.

On their self-titled debut album released last year, “All I Want” offers elements of supergroup Tired Pony’s melancholy melodies and strategic songwriting similar to The Avett Brothers’. The track begins with a light instrumental followed by gritty, rounded vocals singing the lyrics “All I want is to see your face/All I want is a little taste/Run my fingers through your long dark hair/Let’s blow this place and head downtown/’Cause I could turn this night around,” providing lines that are easy to visualize so that the song becomes a story as well. The hook “Ooooh, all I want is you” repeats itself throughout the track, becoming not just a lyric, but a concept, something familiar to relate to and reflect on. Immediately, “All I Want” offers sympathy to its listeners, and the sweet melodies add to the comfort. Lilting harmonies and uncomplicated instrumentals make for a gorgeous, albeit bittersweet, track. Before listening to “All I Want”, Pale Root seem to be exactly what you’d expect from a roots duo. But afterwards, you realize that they’re even better.

Listen to Pale Root’s “All I Want” below and connect with Pale Root on Facebook:

~Savannah Davanzo

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