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Exclusive: Politics Becomes Funny Business With Sunny Sweeney and Brennen Leigh’s “But You Like Country Music”

Sunny and BrennenElection season is starting to heat up, and we’re all feeling the tension—from fights on Facebook, to bumper sticker wars, to uncomfortable family dinners, it just isn’t pretty. Frankly, we could all use a good laugh. Cue the wit of Sunny Sweeney and Brennen Leigh, who are debuting the lyric video for their very funny duet, “But You Like Country Music.”

Sweeney and Leigh are both singer/songwriters who hail from Texas, and they’re also longtime pals. But even for lifelong friends, politics can make getting along tough. In their new song, which premiered in Rolling Stone back in October, they poke fun at the political divide, the women chiding each other about their seemingly insurmountable differences. But even though one is a Subaru driving, sandal wearing liberal, and the other is a doomsday prepping, Fox News watching conservative, they realize that they can put aside their bickering for a greater cause, and sing together, “A love of country music conquers all.” That’s right, their shared love of “Kitty Wells all the way on down to Dwight” means that they can be friends after all, overlooking Reagan posters and hippie bumper stickers all the while.

The lyric video helps you catch the razor-sharp humor of the track, and the images behind the text bring it to life. Sunny and Brennen’s strong voices complement each other well, each distinctive enough to pop, yet blenging nicely when the women come together in harmony.

Check out “But You Like Country Music Below,” and I think you’ll find that we can all agree… Merle Haggard 2016!


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