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Exclusive: The Tin Man Gets To The Heart of The Matter

image001It’s not often one hears about a lawyer turned recording artist displaying such vulnerability and heartfelt sensibility, but for Atlanta musician The Tin Man it seems he’s got it in spades.

One The Tin Man’s single “Already Gone” from the upcoming EP Too Many Lines, the singer-songwriter demonstrates an achingly harrowing venture into the throws of love. With a jangly-tinge paired with southern charm, The Tin Man reminds one of early Kings Of Leon.

The story behind The Tin Man (neé Marshall Seese) provides for an interesting and rare tale of a business professional turning to pursue his dream of music despite the stability found within the corporate world. As told by Seese, the moniker of his performing title alludes to the character from Oz, searching for a heart and finding it through song.

“I think I’ve lived a lot of my life with my brain,” said Seese. “I want to focus on living my life with my heart.”

The Tin Man is not only a reminder of the various walks of life Americana musicians originate from to follow the life of a troubadour, but also the simplicity in wanting to sling a guitar and wear one’s heart on their sleeve.

The Tin Man’s upcoming EP – out March 18th – can be preordered at the band’s site. The Tin Man’s tour will kick off at Rockwood Music Hall in New York on March 10th and a SXSW date March 14th with more dates to follow.

– Jake Tully

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