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Matt Kivel


Artist:     Matt Kivel

Album:     Janus

Label:     Driftless Recordings

Release Date:     02/05/2016


The title track of Kivel’s latest solo release, Janus, introduces us to his blend of folk, slow instrumentation and hints of classic, jazz and even pop (the second track, “Violets,” seems to cover of all of these genres). Though many musicians contributed to Janus, Kivel’s experience working as a player in various bands during the early 2000s is what makes his music unique.

The music and lyrics on Janus are darker than Kivel’s previous releases, but still sweet and warm, soothing and also a bit of a rollercoaster. With so much experience behind him, and many collaborations, the songs are still very unexpected from track to track. But in the end, they blend perfectly into a well structured whole.

Standout tracks include “Janus” and “Palm Beach.”

-Brenda Hillegas

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