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T.G. Sheppard

Legendary Friends & Country Duets

Artist:     T.G. Sheppard

Album:     Legendary Friends & Country Duets

Label:     Cleopatra Records

Release Date:     10/30/2015


This album is a great collection of songs and artists, all revolving around T.G. Sheppard and his wife, Kelly Lang. The tunes are classics, like Kris Kristofferson’s “Why Me Lord,” recorded through the miracle of technology with the late Conway Twitty. Add in a few great songs by Lang – “Dead Girl Walking,” which Lang delivers with so much soul, and “Down On My Knees,” which the Oak Ridge Boys put their signature sound on — and you have a solid piece of music art.

Tony Toliver and Tommy Riggs contribute one of the most country tunes on the CD, “Wine To Remember and Whiskey To Forget.” Who better to join forces with T.G. than Mickey Gilley — a winning combination for sure on a song like this. And there’s no way to have a song called “In Texas” without calling in Willie Nelson to sing about his home state.

There’s no doubt who is at the piano when “The Killer” comes on. Written by Lang and Bobby Tomberlin, Jerry Lee Lewis and T.G. present a heartfelt delivery on this song about a man paying homage to Lewis and the influence he had on his life and career.

It’s obvious that this album brings together a group of friends who truly respect each other as singers and friends, because you can tell they give their best on each note and word they sing.

-Vernell Hackett

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