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Wynonna Judd

Wynonna & the Big Noise

Artist:     Wynonna Judd

Album:     Wynonna & the Big Noise

Label:     Curb Records

Release Date:     02/12/2016


Wynonna and the Big Noise is Wynonna Judd’s first studio album in 13 years, and it’s worth the wait. Is happiness a sound? Should joy be listed as writing credit on each track? Probably, because this is an album laced with smiles and fun in each song, creating a lively and cheerful honky-tonk album.

With Wynonna’s powerful voice sounding clear and lovely, Wynonna & The Big Noise features a number of impressive guest stars, most notably Jason Isbell, who sings on the sparse “Things That I Lean On.” Husband-and-wife guitarists Derek Trucks and Susan Tedeschi also appear on two separate tracks, while the Eagles’ Timothy B. Schmit contributes one he wrote in “I Can See Everything.” In addition, Wynonna also recorded material by Chris Stapleton, Travis Meadows, David Lee Murphy and Julie Miller.

Wynonna’s husband, Cactus Moser, who produced the album, created a great energy in this recording, something that probably wouldn’t have happened with a different producer. And having the Big Noise band play on every track brought something energetic and unique to the songs, which translates to the stage during their live shows. Quality talent and songwriting doesn’t always equal a great album, but this is the exception. Wynonna and the Big Noise have crafted a personal, joyful album that’s worth a listen.

– Laura Sedor

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