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Exclusive: Join the Movement with Hollis Brown’s new song “Rain Dance” featuring Bo Diddley


MikeBoNew York rock band Hollis Brown is premiering their new track “Rain Dance.” They formed in 2009, and released a self-titled album as well as an EP titled Nothing and the Famous No One. They then released an album in 2013 titled Ride on the Train which was featured by Rolling Stone, Spin, and American Songwriter. In 2014 they released Hollis Brown Gets Loaded, which was a song-for-song reading of Loaded by the Velvet Underground. The band recently released their new album 3 Shots which features the track “Rain Dance.”

“Rain Dance” is a new collaboration between Hollis Brown and the late Bo Diddley, which happened by accident. Hollis Brown had found Bo Diddley’s unfinished work by chance, and decided to compose a song around it. Guitarist Jon Bonilla said that the track just had two guitars overdubbed by Diddley along with a keyboard and drum machine. There was no lyrics or click track, so the band played around with different guitars to find a rhythm for the track.  Singer and guitarist Mike Montali had said, “We wanted it to be a Hollis Brown song inspired by Bo Diddley, not just a re-creation of what Bo did.” “Mona” is Montali’s favorite Diddley tune, and it inspired the vocals. The track is filled with bluesy guitar riffs, and is drum heavy. There is a groove to it and showcases the bands ability to compose fun, rock tracks. The message of the song is getting people to come together, singing “We’re going to take some time tonight and get it together/ let’s get it together.”

Listen to “Rain Dance” below.


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  1. “which happened by accident”. this is wrong stolen tapes from Bo’s family and friends the Gun Slinger needs to return

  2. Who’s decision is it to put a priceless family heirloom in the hands of this guy? Why isn’t it being protected by the McDaniel estate? This must be what “estate mismanagement” is all about. You won’t see any of Prince’s guitars in just anyone’s hands. Or is this a fake that they are trying to make us believe is one of Bo’s personal guitars?