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Exclusive: The Bo-Keys Premiere “I Threw It All Away,” A Cautionary Tale About Love Lost


The Bo-Keys have a long and glamorous history; they provided the original score for the Oscar-winning film Hustle & Flow. They backed Samuel L. Jackson and Bernie Mac in Soul Men. They performed on Cyndi Lauper’s Memphis Blues. When it comes to contemporary soul with just a little bit of country thrown into the mix, look no further.

Today, the group is premiering their new track, “I Threw It All Away,” a Bob Dylan cover from their third studio album, Heartaches by the Number. The album was recorded in Memphis and produced by Emmy-winning and Grammy-nominated producer Scott Bomar, who also happens to be the group’s bassist. The Bo-Keys took to a decidedly old school method to record the album– they cut it on analog tape. This process helps heighten the soulful groove at play on the record, which will be released April 29th.

“I Threw It All Away,” carries listeners on a heartbreaking journey of regret, all about a great love that slipped away. The vocalist sings in a quavering tenor, “I was cruel/I treated her like a fool/I threw it all away.” But he has learned his lesson, and now wants us to learn from his mistakes, singing, “If you find someone who gives you all of her love/take it to heart and don’t let it stray.” The twang of guitars, driving percussion and chorus of horns set the foundation for a track that harkens back to the great soul singers of the ’60s and soars with big emotions.

Listen to “I Threw It All Away” below, and then, for goodness’ sake, go and give someone you love a hug.

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