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Matt Andersen

Honest Man

Artist:     Matt Andersen

Album:     Honest Man

Label:     True North Records

Release Date:     02/26/2016


Canadian Matt Andersen plays blues and soul music with class and confidence. His guitar-work is solid, soulful and tasty. Honest Man is an excellent album with bags of style and pizazz, featuring ten self-written tracks that showcase the guy’s artistry and emotion to full extent. What more is needed?

Andersen’s gargantuan voice is deeply steeped in southern soul and gospel tradition, while his lyrics reflect his thoughts on personal relationships, be they good, bad or badder; love, life on the road and political/cultural processes across North America in general. The result is an unusually honest release that sparkles with common sense, complexity and erudition at almost every turn.

Honest Man is not only simply very good, it’s very good, indeed, a release that should elevate this guy’s profile and while delighting the rest of us.

—Iain Patience



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