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Exclusive: Flora Cash Shares An Ethereal Live Session of “For Someone” Off Their Debut Album

Flora Cash by Stefan Lundaahl
Flora Cash by Stefan Lundaahl


Jealousy alert! Musical duo Flora Cash isn’t only blowing up the internet with their gorgeous, gauzy indie folk tunes, they also have a picture perfect meet cute for the digital age. Cole Randall and Shpresa Lleshaj met on Soundcloud in 2012, when they captured each other’s attention musically. Soon, a transatlantic love blossomed, and before they knew it, the two were married and settled in Stockholm. On March 18th, the duo released what they’re calling a “mini-LP,” Can Summer Love Last Forever?, a follow up to the couple’s numerous viral singles, which have amassed them quite a following on Soundcloud and Spotify.

Today, Elmore is premiering a live session of “For Someone,” a track off the duo’s “mini” full-length debut. They recorded the track for their Stockholm label, Icons Creating Evil Art, in the desert outside of LA, which creates a jaw-dropping landscape for the song. The vastness of the mountains contrast with the gentle, ethereal quality of the track, rooted in the steady strumming of Randall’s acoustic guitar. Randall also begins the track, with Lleshai only lending her voice halfway through. The two harmonize beautifully, clearly translating the intimacy they share to the music they create.

Below, Flora Cash answered a few questions for Elmore about the live session, their fans and their recent mini-LP.

EM: Can you tell us the story behind this live video?

This live video was the result of a collaboration between us, our label and the wonderful production company Mohave Media. We drove about one and a half hours outside of Ventura, California into the most beautiful mountains and after a long, hot hike into the terrain – shot this one-take performance. It was so much fun!

EM: You guys have released many of your songs as singles, what has your experience been finally releasing a full length album?

Well, technically we’re saving our first full-length album for later but this mini-LP is definitely our largest release to date. We couldn’t be happier! We’re so excited to be putting out this package of songs. We really feel like it’s the perfect number of tracks for this particular release. It feels complete without being overly long-winded.

EM: Your love story is certainly one for the ages, but can you talk a little bit about your artistic collaboration process? Do you write together?

We do! Most of the time we put in a pretty equal contribution to the tracks but there are times when one of us writes more of the track than the other. It varies… but we always consider our Flora Cash material to be a collaboration and so, we always share the writing credit equally.

A lot of times our songs start with a riff on the guitar… after that we start adding melodies, lyrics etc. We both approach the writing process slightly differently but always end up with a result that we both love. It’s a give and take.

EM: After a long time gaining a following online, you guys hit the road to tour, but you guys clearly try hard to stay visible and relatable to your listeners. What has your experience been interacting with fans online versus in person? 

It seems like no matter where we are interacting with fans (online or in person,) they are very personal and open with us. So many of the fans we interact with share very intimate moments and experiences from their lives – especially as those experiences in some way connect with our music. We really appreciate that about our listeners.  It feels like we’ve established some kind of friendship with a lot of these people even before we’ve ever actually met.

EM: What’s next for Flora Cash?

We’re putting together a new live setup; adding some new instruments and some new members. We’re really excited to get back on the road. Looking at a string of shows in Europe for the next few months and possible US tour this August. At the same time, we’re writing new material constantly and thinking about where we’re going to go next with our sound.

Check out the live session of “For Someone” from Icons Creating Evil Art on Vimeo below, and follow all that’s happening with Flora Cash on their website here.

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