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Exclusive: Get Funky and Sexy with Janiva Magness’ new track “Real Slow”

Magness makes a move to the Wild Side

Photos: Jeff Dunas

Janiva Magness is an award-winning singer-songwriter. Her new album Love Wins Again was released April 8 and encompasses elements of Americana, soul, rock, pop, country and blues. Regarding the title, Magness said, “Love is a bigger power than hate and darkness. It’s easy to forget that when we’re struggling or when the world often seems frightening and out of control. But love can transcend barriers between people and cultures, and bring us closer in ways we might not have imagined. Love can also be frightening. It requires opening yourself up and taking risks, but in the end, love will always win.” She is releasing a video for her track “Real Slow.”

The video itself is clearly sexual, which fits the song–sassy, flirty and sexual. The lyrics are just the same. Magness sings, “And when you’re taking your time real slow/ and we’re lost in the moment/ and when you’re lifting me up so high/ and we’re lost in the moment.” In split screens, a dancer performs (with close ups of her twerking), disembodied lips mouth the words, and a blues guitar plays. Magness also sings: “I want to feel your body moving up against me real slow.” The video and the lyrics are pretty explicit, the meaning clear.

Magness uses this opportunity to channel her inner self. “Finally after 40 plus years in the music business I actually did a music video and I can’t think of a better song for it! ‘Real Slow’ encompasses the strength, beauty and soul of my inner spirit.  She is strong and unapologetic. She is sensuous and in-charge. She is a seriously funkified Goddess. Kudos to Jazmine Smith who did a fantastic job of channeling what I was hoping to portray. I hope you enjoy the video. I sure loved making it!”

Purchase tickets to see Magness on April 30th at New York City’s  Cutting Room  here.

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