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Exclusive: The Evie Ladin Band Shares High Energy and Catchy Melodies via “Jump the Fire”

photo by Gudmundor Vigfusson
photo by Gudmundor Vigfusson


The Evie Ladin Band’s upcoming May 6th release, Jump the Fire, introduces listeners to a contagious energy and storytelling experience. Fronted by Evie Ladin, the sounds and inspirations of Appalachian folk fit this San Francisco-based band very well. Ladin is the daughter of an international folk dance teacher and old-time folk music devotee. She grew up believing that playing music, dancing and singing is just what people do, and this passion translates into her music.

The trio includes Keith Terry (bass, body music, percussion, vocals), a jazz drummer known for contemporary body music, and Erik Pearson (guitar, bass, banjo, vocals) who fell in love with old-time music while studying composition at Oberlin. Together, they remind people that music is meant to move and you should move along with it. “Jump the Fire” captures the energy seen and heard in their live shows.

Ladin says: “This title track is inspired by the total joy in staying up all of a summer night playing music and dancing, preferably camping outside.  I forget lots of people don’t have this experience regularly, but they should! Jumping the fire is a pagan tradition I associate with the winter solstice, keeping the cold and dark at bay, but I also see it as a metaphor for living life to it’s fullest.  Keith dances to “Spring Creek Gals”, the old-time tune in the middle of the song, and it always elicits roars from the crowd. Sparks flying off his hands, conjuring up that energy to just never go to bed, keep the music going. I wanted to name the record Cozy, another of my favorite tracks, but someone gave me the best advice, that Jump the Fire captures more the energy of our live show. ”

Listen below and grab a copy of the entire album on May 6th.

-Brenda Hillegas

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