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Exclusive: Aaron Einhouse Sings About The Realities Of Love On His New Track “It Ain’t Pretty”

Aaron Einhouse by Natalie Rhea
Aaron Einhouse by Natalie Rhea

Friday the 13th is known to be unlucky, but superstition can’t stop Americana singer/songwriter Aaron Einhouse… today marks the release of his latest album, It Ain’t Pretty. It wasn’t an easy road, though, and Einhouse has gained a reputation over the past few years as one of the hardest working musicians in the Austin scene, embracing a DIY style from recording to touring. It was only a little over a year ago that he built up the courage to leave his mundane day job, but once he did, he poured even more energy into his craft, putting his music out into the world and building a fanbase without help from a manager, agent, or record label. Legend Walt Wilkins had only good things to say about this new voice, noting, “Aaron is a true son of Texas, poetry and the open road. He has an eye and a feeling for the human condition and his fellow man, and a stage presence that a bunch of us would trade for.  There is a deep sensitivity in his songs, as well as humor and pathos. He’s as real as the places and folks he writes and sings about, and I’m looking forward to the next song.”

Today, Elmore is featuring “It Ain’t Pretty,” the title track off the new album. With his well-work twang, Einhouse sings about the tough realization that love doesn’t always turn out the way you think it will. It isn’t like the stories you hear as a child, he sings, “The hero gets the girl and rides away/but in this world it can’t be sunny everyday.” Love is messy, and love can be hard. On the chorus, he sings,“It ain’t pretty but it’s real/it’s soft as silk and hard as steel/it’s a winter wind and a summer sun/but that’s love/when it’s all set and done.” Einhouse beautifully captures the truth of love with the cry of his guitar and rushing pulse of drums– it takes work. But- he reminds us- at the end of the day it is all worth it. Einhouse says of the track, “It’s about how life and love isn’t always the fairytale or how it’s been portrayed in songs. It’s not always pretty on the outside. It can be gritty and it can be sad and it can be happy and there are ups and downs, but that’s reality. That’s the chorus, ‘It ain’t pretty but it’s real.’ I think I’ve lived a lot of that stuff in my life, and honestly, it was really cool writing a song with Hal Ketchum, too.”

To order the new album click on the link here.

The track “It Ain’t Pretty” can be heard right here on Elmore.

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