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Exclusive: Frances Luke Accord Pays Tribute To Moms Everywhere With A Harmonious Folk Tune

Frances Luke Accord by Mike Bump
Frances Luke Accord by Mike Bump


When Brian Powers, one half of Chicago based indie-folk duo Frances Luke Accord, penned “Stones I’ve Thrown,” he was thinking of a very special woman in his life—his mother. Soon, with the help of his musical partner, Nicholas Gunty, the song branched into something more ambitious, an ode to the wisdom all parents impart to their children. Wisdom, the duo muses, that we may not be able to recognize until we ourselves are grown.

But the pair, who formed Frances Luke Accord during their senior year at Notre Dame, may themselves be wise beyond their years. Recognizing a shared love of and talent for music that defies boundary and form, they quickly set to work on their first record, Kandote, which came out in late 2012 as a non-for-profit collaboration with Kkindu’s Barefoot Truth Children’s Choir. Proceeds from the release continue to support the children’s general and musical education. Now the duo is getting a little bit of that love in return, having recently raised over $16,000 on Kickstarter to fund their full length debut, Fluke, which will come out on May 20th.

Today, just in time for Mother’s Day weekend, Elmore is premiering “Stones I’ve Thrown.” The track exemplifies the tight, yearning harmonies the two can produce together, rooted in a gentle, rhythmic heartbeat that mimics the primordial love shared between mother and child. Lush, layered instrumentation swirls throughout the track, as the men intone in a whisper, “I sink into shade without you.” Bet they’ve made their mama’s proud.

Listen to “Stones I’ve Thrown” below, and pre-order Fluke via the duo’s bandcamp here.

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