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Exclusive: William Wild Shares Studio Version of “When I’ve Been Gone”


Some songs are just meant to have a visual aspect. That’s why music videos exist. Other songs, like William Wild’s “When I’ve Been Gone”, are so full of emotion that a run of the mill music video just isn’t enough. This video version of the song (off the recently released Steady Now) shows William Wild performing stripped down, in the studio. Like the rest of the songs on Steady Now, “When I’ve Been Gone” truly captures the love and passion this band puts into every lyric, every beat of the drum, every strum of the guitar.

Written by Garrett Sale, the musician explains:

“This live recording was done at Wild Chorus studio in Knoxville, TN. It’s an almost fully analog studio in a really cool spot downtown and it’s owned by a former SparkleHorse member. ‘When I’ve Been Gone’ is about a person asking the simple question of “Why did all of this happen to me?” and the main theme is encouragement towards asking that question. There isn’t always a happy ending, but that there is healing within the question and within the acceptance of a situation even if it’s painful.”

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