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Gleasons Drift

Gleasons Drift

Artist:     Gleasons Drift

Album:     Gleasons Drift

Label:     Blind Pidgeon Records

Release Date:     05/20/2016


Ok, you may have never heard of Gleasons Drift, but it looks like they’ve been at it for a while now, with four records in the past twelve years. Their new record, Gleasons Drift, will be released May 20. Their previous effort, from 2010, is titled Blythe Township Mellencamp, not specifically where they’re from in Pennsylvania, but nearby. They sound like a mash up of early Rolling Stones, The Kinks and maybe a dash of The Clash thrown in for good measure. Guitarist/vocalist/songwriter Bill Whalen seems to likes his music rough and raw, so he and his bearded bandmates are able to use and blend all of those styles into this interestingly varied record. Production value is light, so don’t expect lots of intricate vocals or layers.

The opening cut, “MIXX/REM,” is arguably the best track; you could easily hear it on college radio. Reminiscent of Jett’s “Cold Hard Bitch” will have the party jumping. “Always Midnight” is another great hard rocking track. Slowing it down for, “Stop Draggin’ Me Down,” all the ballads have a rockabilly sound that sounds like they belong on another album. Jagged beat “Ghost in the Corner” and “Pumpkinhead Jones” are both fine snappy rockers that will sound great in the car with the top down this summer.

Gleasons Drift continues to put out albums that will remind you of the great bands before they were famous, when they were still hungry and hitting the clubs. This is not a rock band with an agenda or with political leanings, just good clean rock and roll that will remind you of the bygone era of 3 minute songs. And isn’t that enough?

 Laura Sedor

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