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Exclusive: Miss Tess Shares A Jazzy Single From Her Upcoming Album

Miss Tess by Gabrielle Savoy
Miss Tess by Gabrielle Savoy

Singer/songwriter Miss Tess is a renowned straddler of genres– a mix-master of musical styles if you will. It seems that must be a habit she picked up as a child, when her parents would sing her to sleep with gentle folk songs, then keep her up not long after with the boisterous noise of their 30s swing band rehearsing downstairs. Across a decade and several cities, Baltimore, Boston and New York, she has kept up her commitment to expanding on and playing with the American songbook, pulling, as she admits, “sounds and stories from my musical fantasyland,” and crafting, for her eager listeners, “a world of mischief and troubled fun.” Now based out of Nashville and at the helm of her current outfit Miss Tess and the Talkbacks, she’s set to release her latest record, Baby, We All Know, on July 8th.

Today, Elmore is premiering the first single from the album, “Do You Want My Love,” which showcases Miss Tess’s signature skills on her Weymann archtop guitar. The accented pulse of the drum beat mimics the singer’s frustration in matters of the heart, as the jazzy song finds Miss Tess impatient in love. After years of waiting for the object of her affection to finally step up and admit how he feels, Miss Tess calls him out. “Tell me now, tell me now. Do you want my love?” she demands, with a sultry, soulful pout.

Listen to “Do You Want My Love” below, and preorder Baby, We All Know via iTunes here.

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