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Anna Tivel

Heroes Waking Up

Artist:     Anna Tivel

Album:     Heroes Waking Up

Label:     Fluff & Gravy

Release Date:     05/20/2016


You probably would not want to play Anna Tivel’s music if you’re hoping to shift your party into overdrive. Her laconic vocals and weary demeanor simply aren’t the right elements that will steer people to the dance floor, much less elevate or intoxicate the mood. Still, if it’s a morning after libation one’s looking for, Tivel’s the perfect remedy, a calming if somewhat sobering encounter that sets a mellow mood despite uncertain circumstances. That tepid tone is consistent throughout, all hushed, pensive and dimly lit deliberation, as fragile as a newborn who’s getting its first glimpse outside the womb.

There’s an undeniable beauty flowing from these tender trappings, with songs such as “The Lines and the Tide,” “Dial Tone” and “Slow Motion” creating a kind of otherworldly ambiance all their own. So, while tracks like “Lillian & Martha” and the ironically dubbed “Reverie” barely rise above a whisper, the effect is so entrancing, the listener probably won’t mind the need to lean in to listen.

Given its fading half light, Heroes Waking Up doesn’t exactly give credence to its name, but even its elusive charms seem inspired all the same.

– Lee Zimmerman

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