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C.W. Stoneking

Gon’ Boogaloo

Artist:     C.W. Stoneking

Album:     Gon’ Boogaloo

Label:     King Hokum Records

Release Date:     06/03/2016


Sounding like a lost field recording on a shellac 78 or a secret mid-50s Sun Records session, Gon’ Boogaloo has an undeniably antiquated spirit yet it absolutely jumps with so much energy that it feels as fresh as can be.

Hailing from Australia, C.W. Stoneking plays a unique style of blues rock that sounds somewhere between Blind Lemon Jefferson, Fats Waller and Carl Perkins. His voice is also reminiscent of Jefferson: a bit rough with a drawn out drawl that gives his vocal a real suave quality that perfectly matches his slick and bluesy guitar playing.

Cementing the homage and influence of American blues, rockabilly and ragtime music, the entire album hums with the dusty low fidelity production that one would expect from a timeworn Gramophone. This helps make Stoneking’s backup singers and band sound like they were lifted from early Ray Charles records as well as making the entire record sound like it was captured in a single take inside of an old barn.

Despite the strong influence of the past, Stoneking’s album bops and grooves with an intense vigor, making it a fun and straight up addicting listen. With songs like “The Jungle Swing,” “The Thing I Done” and “Get On The Floor,” this record will keep your body moving, no matter what your mood is.

Perfectly released in time to soundtrack your summer drives and vacations, Gon’ Boogaloo is guaranteed to bring good times to all that play it.

– Keith Hadad

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