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Rebecca Folsom

Extraordinary Days

Artist:     Rebecca Folsom

Album:     Extraordinary Days

Label:     Rebecca Folsom

Release Date:     02/27/2016


She’s got a near four-octave range, already granting her similarities to big-time greats like Whitney Houston and Freddie Mercury, but it’s not just her range that Rebecca Folsom deserves praise for. Born and raised in Boulder, CO, the multi-media artist (besides being a folk singer-songwriter, she’s also a painter and published poet) has released several chart-topping tracks and 11 full-length records. Folsom’s latest record, Extraordinary Days, released a few months ago, was born out of a songwriting exercise in which she wrote 52 new songs in just one year. The chosen tracks debuted in a double CD release with Extraordinary Days and Little Medicines.

Featuring 11 carefully curated tracks, Extraordinary Days showcases Folsom’s pretty voice and strong, cohesive instrumentation. The record begins with the peppy “New Day”, a rock-powered track full of catchy lyrics and constant rhythms. A few tracks later, “Colorado” is a whole different vibe, slow and soft with sweet vocals and little glimmers of fiddle, while Folsom sings nostalgically of her home state, “Why on Earth would anyone leave here except to chase some crazy dream?” Later, “Love As Is” channels its inner “Sweet Home Alabama” with quick rhythms and in-your-face delivery, so it’s almost a surprise that it is home to one of the most beautiful lyrics on the record: “Where are your fraying seams/Incisions on your tender skin/Can we find an opening/To let the healing, let the healing in”. In lines like these, it is clear that Folsom is a songwriter first and foremost, her natural, but poignant, writing a testimonial to her own poetic side. Towards the end of the album is “The Lowcountry”, its title exactly mimicking the low, shy country tones of the song. Folsom’s voice takes on a deeper sound with this one, but we can hear her smile, and thus her passion, while she’s singing against the swinging drum lines. On Extraordinary Days, late-night folk jams and heartfelt harmony come together to unite Rebecca Folsom with pride for her home, her family, and herself.

-Savannah Davanzo

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