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Wolfert Brederode Trio

Black Ice

Artist:     Wolfert Brederode Trio

Album:     Black Ice

Label:     ECM

Release Date:     06/17/2016


Atmospheric, like Parisian rain. The notes falling on your ears like they would on your face: soft, sliding, tinged with a blue legacy.

Black Ice is the hushed work of a chamber jazz trio. Moody, meditative. Allowing the silence to play as essential a role in the composition and performance as the notes themselves. “Elegia” begins quietly, as if you’ve just walked in the room and the trio’s been playing for a while. Gracefully, the melody swells, only to adventure into the solitude again. “Rewind,” airy and acrobatic, as double bassist Gulli Gudmundsson holds his co-pilots (pianist Bredorode and drummer Jasper van Hulten’s subtle shades) to their themes while beckoning them to explore.

“Terminal” is a short musing, effortlessly capturing the pathos of the weary, perhaps wary, late night traveler.

ECM was founded, and has long been known, for giving us music where the listener’s moods are encouraged to interact with the music, making each listening a unique and vital one-on-one experience. Black Ice does not disappoint.

– Mike Jurkovic

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