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Exclusive: Mackenzie Shivers’ Tingles Spines with “Tell Me to Run”

photo by Juan P. Zapata
photo by Juan P. Zapata

The first 15 seconds of Shivers’ “Tell Me to Run” would make for a very well fit intro…or outro…to the latest horror-binge watch. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if you hear this track on the next thriller movie soundtrack. Closing credits, anyone?

Shivers began writing music when she was four years old and piano lessons started shortly afters. She received a degree in music composition from the Blair School of Music where she studied piano, voice, and orchestration. Shivers’ experiences and natural talent shines throughout her first album (Neverland in 2014) and it will definitely be loud and clear on September 2nd with her sophomore release, Living in My Head.

“Tell Me to Run” shines toward the end of the upcoming release. A simple, piano drive melody sets the scene for this folk rock song. Shivers was inspired by Washington Square Park in Greenwich Village which used to be a graveyard. The park’s eerie history created an idea in Shivers’ head- maybe ghosts are wandering around the city.

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