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Exclusive: This Frontier Needs Heroes Shares A Folksy New Protest Song, “I Love Immigration”

Brad Lauretti by Dennis Ho
Brad Lauretti by Dennis Ho

When kids dream of being a rock star, they may get lost in visions of glitz and glamour, dressing rooms filled with junk food (no brown M&Ms, of course) and stadiums packed with adoring fans. But singer/songwriter Brad Lauretti and vocalist/violinist Sadie Frederick, who make up the duo This Frontier Needs Heroes, want to remind all of us outside the hustle that it’s truly hard work, with months or even years spent on the road, playing wherever and whenever you can. Being a musician is- as they titled their fourth studio album- a Real Job.

Lauretti’s participation in the renowned Stetson Kennedy Songwriting Residency at Beluthahatchee Park in Florida set the wheels in motion for the record. Inspired by the same fertile ground where Woody Guthrie once wrote, he penned some his most thoughtful, mature work to date– protest songs that react to the tense political climate in our nation today. Those songs make up Real Job, which was recorded at Glow Studio in Athens, GA and is slated for an October 14th release.

Today, Elmore is premiering “I Love Immigration,” a track from the upcoming album. Lauretti’s deep, straightforward twang powers a sweet, Schoolhouse Rock style narrative in which Lauretti traces the roots of his family back to his great-grandfather, who, at only 13, “came all the way from Italy, sailing on a ship to the land of hope and freedom.” It’s an upbeat jam with a simple, singable melody bolstered by rollicking guitar and swaying violin, but it’s hard to ignore Lauretti’s underlying message, which he delivers with wit and humor. “I never met an immigrant that I didn’t like,” he sings. “They just came here for a better life.”

Head to This Frontier Needs Heroes’ website to learn more and listen to “I Love Immigration” below.

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