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Corey Kendrick


Artist:     Corey Kendrick

Album:     Rootless

Label:     Corey Kendrick Trio

Release Date:     06/18/2016


Beyond doubt, I’m having a great time discovering new jazz artists who not only carry on the grand jazz traditions but also add, or show definitive signs of adding, their own voice to the music. Then I get to tell all you good folk out there. So, if I may have your attention, please welcome pianist Cory Kendrick and his indie debut release, Rootless.

Maybe it’s the “Poinciana” like groove and rhythm of “The Unknown/The Unexpected.” Perhaps it’s the overall give’n take swing of Nick Brackwell’s knowing drums and Joe Vasquez equally knowledgeable bass as they frame Kendrick’s richly melodic structures and strategies. Or, on third thought, it could be the pianist’s masterful sense of self (“Julian’s Tune,” “Waiting For Midnight,” “Alone In Michigan”) and bop classicism (an instantly rewarding take on “In The Wee Small Hours”) that reminds me of early Ahmad Jamal. Or Bill Evans. Or Oscar Peterson. I think I’ll go with all of the above.

– Mike Jurkovic

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