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National Park Radio

The Great Divide

Artist:     National Park Radio

Album:     The Great Divide

Label:     The Edgewater Music Group

Release Date:     07/29/2016


These days it seems that every artist has a label. Call National Park Radio “indie folk” if you wish. If you’re a fan of Mumford and Sons or the Avett Brothers, you’ll see a resemblance. If you like the Jayhawks, you’ll understand the positive attitude they bring to their music.

Frontman Stephan Szabo traded his electric guitar for a 6-string banjo, extending the range and perspective of their music rather than limiting it. From the uplifting brightness of “Steady” to the depth of “Monochrome” The Great Divide explores a myriad of feelings. Feelings of hope, joy and inner beauty abound through the perfect marriage of lyrics and music. A sense of spirituality and nature create a blanket of comfort, but always leave an opening large enough to liberate the music.

National Park Radio creates, on their debut, a rolling wave of personal and affirming lyrics, refreshingly clear vocals, and inspiring acoustic instrumentals. Take the ride, feel the breeze caress your face, then roast some marshmallows at a glowing campfire. Smile!

—Gene Knapp

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